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Share the Wealth with Social Media Partnerships

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When you team up, everyone wins.

From an early age, we’re told that sharing is caring. While we might not want to hear that when there’s one piece of Easter candy left in the basket, sharing resources and partnering with other businesses is a great strategy for your company.

At JP William, we believe that there is strength in partnership. The cornerstone of business is networking. You make contacts and connections in order to get your business noticed and generate more potential clients. Social media has made effective networking that much easier by offering you the perfect medium for partnership.

One benefit of partnership is better brand awareness. If you run a catering company, consider pairing up with an event planning service for cross promotion. Recommend their services on your social media accounts while they promote your business on their sites. This is a great way to get your brand message to a whole new group of potential customers.

Another excellent way to bolster your business through partnership is with a contest or promotion. Join with several businesses to offer a unique experience or gift to your customers. Donate your services as part of another business’s giveaway, or recruit other companies to help you create an irresistible promotional deal.teamwork

JP William client, Fleet Transportation, is offering a wonderful Mother’s Day giveaway. One lucky mom will receive a bottle of wine from Cherry Blossom Events, dinner for two at Jackson20, an Arbonne gift bag and gift certificate, a special pillow and fitting from Dr. Amy of Capital Chiropractic and a massage from Alexandria Massage Therapy – all while traveling in the lap of luxury in a Fleet chauffeured car.

Sound like a good deal? It is – for you and the companies who are donating their services.

By partnering in a giveaway, Fleet and the other companies can promote themselves and their services in several different venues. Alexandria Massage Therapy might get a new massage client from the giveaway. Jackson20 could earn a faithful new customer. Even people who enter the contest are potential clients for every partner in the promotion. The contest might inspire people to book a massage for mom even if they don’t win, or browse Arbonne for products that mom might like. Either way, this promotion allows each company to expand their marketing audience while keeping clients loyal.

After all, who doesn’t love a good giveaway?

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